Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.” Ralph Caplan


A translator for technologists + big ideas.

Working with startups and web developers has taught me to test before I guess. In a fast paced growth environment with high stakes, there is no room for ego. Even with a depth of knowledge from 10+ years of working in digital marketing, the most valuable skill is understanding what you don't know and having a plan to test your theories until you do, in fact, know. 

Having a range of creative skills from copywriting, to photography, graphic design and Adobe Suite has allowed me to work quickly and effectively in a multi-media marketing environment.  

My style of digital marketing is user experience focused. Creating a seamless UX design starts from the first view of a Facebook ad or blog post, to the moment they reach the website. 

Good writers speaks two languages. I learned to speak the language of design and engineering, and blend it with my understanding of marketing and business. 

I translate complicated business and design ideas for audiences. I want to make the brilliant work of my clients accessible to potential customers and partners. 

About Emily

Emily is a copywriter and tech startup strategist working with Big Room Studios. She has worked for over a decade alongside brilliant entrepreneurs to help them build, grow and scale new companies. She's also consulted with large enterprise corporations to bring an agile, entrepreneurial approach to internal projects. 

Emily is passionate about helping people clearly communicate with their audience and gain momentum to help grow their business steadily towards a goal.

While early in her career she never considered herself a writer, every project she took on focused around creating content. This helped her develop practical skills and hone a uniquely simple writing style. Now, she uses that style to write for magazines, blogs and is working on her first novel. 

Check out my portfolio and my resume for more information on my work.