Programs and Services

The Whole Shebang Health Coaching Program

  • Customized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
  • Customized relationship & lifestyle coaching
  • Grocery Store visit
  • Pantry and Refrigerator Makeover
  • Beauty routine makeover
  • Weekly Mindfulness & Self-Love Practices


Single & Awesome Coaching Program

  • Relationship coaching to heal and thrive
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan 
  • Dating coaching (when ready)
  • Online dating profile makeover
  • Weekly Mindfulness and Self-Love Practices
  • Closet Cleanout and Style Recommendations
  • Professional photographer session

Beauty in Health Coaching Program 

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan 
  • Closet Cleanout & Style Recommendations
  • Bathroom Product Makeover
  • Weekly Mindfulness and Self-Love Practices

De-stress and Energy Coaching Program

  •  Personalized Nutrition Plan 
  •  Exercise and Lifestyle Strategy Plan
  •  Morning/Evening Routine Plan
  •  Schedule and workflow strategies

4 Day Group Juice Cleanse

  • with Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe
  • 4 Juices per day provided for pickup
  • 50 page Healthy Cleanse Guide
  • Daily inspiration
  • 60 min health consultation included


4 Day

$159 (all juice included)

Stay Healthy Coaching Program

Continued customized plan and coaching for "graduates" of 6 month program


6 month

$99 / month

Group Coaching

Choose from any of the 3/6 month programs (or request a customized group program specific to needs)

2 people - $159 each

3 people - $129 each

4 people - $99 each

5+ - $499 total 

60 minute health and relationship consultation

Best when addressing specific questions, past client check-in and tweak sessions, or discussing one topic of focus.

Grocery Store Tour

Health starts at the grocery store. We often have grocery store habits that are hard to break. I teach you new foods to buy to support changing diet and identify cost effective ways of reaching health goals)

Fridge and Pantry Makeover

Judgement free dejunking of your kitchen. Focus on deep cleaning your fridge and pantry. We will remove unhealthy or unnecessary items and create list of must-haves for healthy living. We will re-organize and create a healthy functional space.

Vitamin and Supplement Consultation

A personalized session to identify health needs. You get a list of supplement recommendations and one month supply of multi-vitamins included.