Breakups are shitty. And eventually you'll be fine.

This course just helps you get there a bit faster.


BEST BREAKUP EVER is a 30 day email course to help you process your breakup in a healthy way and begin to move on. 

When I was going through my most recent breakup, writing became my outlet for organizing my thoughts and processing the complicated emotions that came up throughout my day. It helped me get out of my head so I could create an amazing life without being swallowed in the fear and pain of my breakup. 

I've used the same writing tools with my clients who are healing from complicated breakups and discovered which of those writing exercises, meditations, and daily practices are the most powerful and the most universally helpful.

This course only requires a few minutes per day so you can get back to what is really important. I want you not only to rise above the pain of a breakup, but to build a thriving, extraordinary life. 

It will help you:

  • Heal
  • Forgive
  • Find support
  • Move forward