Summer Promotion: The Buddy System


There is one common thread I've noticed with all of my best success-story clients. They have one solid supporter of their goals. Someone who is with them through the whole process. Not just a fair-weather friend or sideline cheerleader, but a person who is going through a similar process or is literally sharing in the same health coaching program.

I want to make it easier for people to succeed - so this summer I am offering a 2-for-1 deal. Find a buddy and sign up for any of my coaching programs and you can split the cost. 


This is an amazing deal.


You will work together during our 1-on-2 in-person coaching sessions but you'll both get personalized recommendations and strategies based on your unique goals and health concerns.


Sign up for a consultation and let's get started! I have limited space so don't wait.


Yes I hear you!! I've had a ton of requests from those of you who haven't found the perfect buddy but still want to get started. Sign up for the free consultation and I have a special deal to share. Get started now and you'll find a buddy along the way.