I came to Emily via her website Red Lipstick Project. A friend had forwarded an article to me that Emily had written on Breakups. I had just discovered my long time, live in partner was being unfaithful to me. The experience had left me raw, stripped down, and in a state of shock that lasted months. Over the past 7 months, Emily Straubel has helped me change the conversation I have with myself and the way I approach my life. At the time we met, I had lost so much weight and sleep from sadness that I needed to start over. Emily was and continues to be an empowering, motivating force in my life. Emily's knowledge and expertise in holistic health practices paired with her unique voice and ability to motivate and empower in a supportive, loving way me helped get through a difficult time in my life. Together, we work toward healthy life balance through diet, meditation, forgiveness, and conversation, among other things. Emily has helped me change my life and become a strong, empowered, confident woman.  

Danielle - Chicago